Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My latest personal shopping.. Local shoes

Last weekend, I visited a house of my husband's relatives. I am well known in the group of my husband's relative as Frugal (they mean 'Cheap' by it).  They think think that I am the person using all local product, not at all buying any quality goods and living my life in misery even if earning good. The discussion happened about the quality of local shoes. I have narrated my experience of one big brand of shoe and how my pair of shoes got torn after 2 months only, while local product works fine for at least a year, though the branded shoes are 5 times costlier than local brand.

This pair of shoes I bought in 350 INR .I can wear it with all types of Indian attire.

This pair of shoes I bought for 120 INR. This is my daily wear shoes at home.

Do you think only branded shoes work fine? 

What did you buy last time? Got something to share?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maid tantrums -- Part 2

If you are reading this blog first time, for reference, read this.

The update is, although I increased her payment , she left the job today. She has not formally left job, she told it to my neighbor that she is not coming to my work, from now onwards..

I am trying to cope up with this change, cheerfully.. Now, I have made up my mind not to keep part time help and raise my daughter myself and do all household chores by myself.  Though I may need a domestic help for cleaning the floor.

What do you think, am I right?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Imperfect, the true ME!!!

As defined in Wikipedia, Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.

Is it possible to be perfect???

I am proud of not being perfect, I have my own flaws, own incompleteness.

Yes, seeing / meeting people better than me put me down.. I sometimes feel jealous. 

I cant do all my household work alone, and so, I have appointed a part time help !! Being unable to do my household is a flaw, a problem. Getting part time help is a solution.

I cant fix my beauty problems by myself, the solution is parlors and salons.
I cant drive my car (I want to learn, really!!) , so, I need to take taxi !!! Again a solution..

See, my imperfection becomes bread and butter for so many people :)

When I see mom , who is more alert than me, I feel imperfect !! 
When I see someone earning more than me, I feel imperfect. 
When I meet a wife who is more 'in shape' and stylish than I am , I feel imperfect. 
When I meet any housewife , who can allot more time to her house , and her house is more up-to-date, I feel imperfect!!!

But, I am happy with what I am!! (Or a sort of HAPPY).. 

I am lucky to born in such a society where women do not need to pass entire life in a corner of house. I am lucky to born in such a family where girl child is given equal (or more) importance than boy child..
I am lucky to get married to a man , who believes in equally.
I am lucky to follow a religion , which can answer all my questions and capable of taking me to the height of spirituality.
I am lucky to work in a company, which believes in equal opportunities.

I am luckier than half of the world, for having roof on head, running water in tap, food in kitchen and money in bank account.. Plus loving people around..

Do I need to be perfect???

Monday, June 18, 2012

Who is behind this blog ???

Hi!!! I am Hetal.

I am an IT engineer, just entered in my 3rd decade of life.  I am mother of an adorable daughter named Ira. I am married to Anmol Singh.

Ours is a love marriage. I met him during my PG years, we were classmates and now, soul mates from last 6 years !!!

I stay in Pune, India. We 3 are a family... Basically, I am from Gujarat .

The topics I would love to share is, my thought process, frugal life, thriftiness and sometimes about my personal finance experiments...

Hope you will like it !!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where to spend weekend??

 This is a prime question. As weekend approaches, I always think about what to do in this weekend. And after some household chores, some beauty care and long sleeps, our car turns to nearest mall , automatically. There, some junk food, some useless but impulsive buying and weekend finished!!! And every Monday, I think, OMG, what a waste of the long awaited weekend. Do you people also thinks the same way.

The marketing gurus know very well , that the empty mind spends most. And so, the strategy has been properly placed in malls near you, the flashy and glossy stuff in the window of each counter, the high rated cloths on show case, the useless cosmetics at most of counters. It looks like , all marketing gurus are going to convert us humans into Christmas trees.I guess, all of us are suffering from impulsive buying but only few know it.

When I was a kid, my mom dad used to take me to lake near my house, garden,  aquarium or to our relatives place. Sometimes, relatives used to visit us and we kids as well as elders were having fun, even without spending lots of money. But now a days, as our social values are weakening and we have less friend and family get to gathers, I guess, kids now a days are also going for shopping with their parents and they also will become impulsive buyer after 10-15 years.  I wish, I could take my kids to lake, garden, aquarium, fun fairs or at relative's place, rather than Malls.

Where do you spend your weekends?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Restoration of Cane Furniture ---Part 2

 Earlier post

You read in the earlier post how I decided to restore my old furniture.  After getting needed supplies, I cleaned cane furniture thoroughly with water + liquid dish-wash solution and cotton cloth.

After that, I spread the news paper on my balcony floor, and placed the furniture over there. I polished  with one coat. Entire furniture  polish took 2 hrs for first coat. After that, I allow the furniture to dry. It took approximately 45 minutes to dry up the first done piece. Then, again  I polish the second and final coat and wohooo,  it was ready to set in my living room.

After that, I spread some  sofa covers  on sofa, table cloth on table and cushions on sofa. I bought the new cushion covers, which cost me 345 Indian rupees.

See how it looks now.

The total cost for restoration--

1. Polishing supply- 125 Indian Rupees
2.Cleaning supply - free, available at home
3. Sofa covers and table covers -- free, home inventory again.
4.Cushion -- Home inventory
5.Cushion covers -- 345 Indian Rupees

Total== Happy and frugal me and decorated my home 

Have you ever restored any furniture?Do share your experience.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Restoration of Cane Furniture --Part 1

Frugality is not stinginess , its all about making each penny last long...

I have a complete set of cane furniture i.e. a sofa set (3+1+1) along with a center table, a side table and a shoe rack.  I bought them in around 6500 Indian Rupees in 2008. Cane furniture is light weight and light on pocket. When we were staying in rented apartments and changing accommodations every year, having  cane furniture was a blessing. 

In 2010, we have booked our own house and in August 2010, we shifted to our own house. From then, I was planning to buy designer sofa set. last month, I put this entire furniture for sell in online e commerce site. I quoted 3000 Indian Rupees for entire , brand new looking, well maintained  set, while the same stuff was available in market for not less than 14000 Indian Rupee. But I got offers like 1500 Indian Rupee for the entire set. This was quite frustrating

One night, while surfing Internet, I came across a blog which was stating about restoration of cane furniture. I gave a thought and make my mind to use the same furniture after restoring it.

As the furniture had no scratches or ticks, I needed to polish/color them and just decorate them. i went to local hardware shop and shown the picture of my furniture (taken from my mobile) . I asked the shopkeeper to suggest how to restore it. he suggested me to polish them and they would be ready for use. I bought needed supplies to polish them and one fine morning (or afternoon) , I cleaned the furniture thoroughly and started polishing it. 

Keep reading about my Cane furniture restoration project and its outcome.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost and found

I didnt know, arranging closed could be blessing.. Last week, I organized my closet . Oh God, I never knew I have so many clothes, cosmetics and accessories. I have tendency of buy and forget.

My post pregenecy cloths are fitting me now. So, I don't need to buy more cloths for upcoming family function in July and August, 2012.

I have also found few hair accessorizes  and a scarf holder, which I can use in day to day life as well in glittery family functions.

Well, I am tossing at least 5 things in upcoming week.  I am having some less load in office and so, planning to declutter my house..

The climate in Pune, India is awesome , the blue sky is full of white little clouds.

I have taken this picture when I took Ira to garden , while she was busy playing ball, I was busy taking pics.

What are your plans of decluttering? Have you found anything useful in your last closet organizing, which was in the back of closet, waiting for use?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get done most pending task-- Closet Oraganisation

The most awaiting task for the month was -- none other than , closet cleaning and organising..

And good to let you know that , its done today..

This is how my closet was looking before..

 This is 'work in progress' phase...

And this is how it looks now..

The upper half has Dresses and Scarves to be worn when I am out... The drawers contain important files and papers..

The middle part is having my cosmetics, accessories and Skin care products. I love to keep them here as they are most accessible from here.

Lower part of closet contains my western wear, like Jeans, Skirts and Tunic tops. Some office work formals are also here.

Lowest part contains cloths to be worn when I am at home.. Some comfortable cotton dresses are here..

And not to forget, Purses and Totes are hanging on inner part of door along with my new Philips Salon Hair Dryer..

What is your way to arrange your closet?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I am...

Planning to --
  Clean  & arrange my wardrobe..

Playing with --
  Li'l Ira

Working on office project. I am in middle of loads of work of testing software.

Thinking of cooking some samosa this weekend.

Dreaming of peaceful weekend and help from Hubby in household errands.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maid tantrums

 Yesterday, my maid has put me in the 'hands up' situation. She has asked for about 15% pay raise only after 2 months of working at my home. As a working mom, I need a maid for child care as well as house hold.  She used to come for 5 hours a day and was getting paid pretty good. While working in my household, she came to know how badly I need a help and started showing tantrums , like coming late, taking sudden day off etc. And yesterday was the height.

Bring in India has few advantages. The prime advantage is , one can get domestic help very easily. As all the coins have two sides, we also have cons of this advantage. The maids here are not loyal. One needs to change maid very frequently.

I have called a 'Maid agency' yesterday and fix an appointment for new maid, may be for 11 hours now. Lets hope for the best !!!

P.S. I have raised her salary and she has raised her working hours .. A win-win situation..

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday -- A 'Rebirth' for me..

I love Monday for a special reason. Monday gives a start to my slow paced weekend hangover routine. Every weekend, I become sloth and keeps procrastination. The weekend is the time for family. No washing cloths, no extra cleaning. And my maid also takes a day off on Sunday. So, Sundays are meant to be more bulk cooking, shopping for grocery and outing with family.

 As Sunday evening comes, I start listing tasks for upcoming week and  looking for Monday morning to start a real day of life. I sometimes think that Sundays are totally wastage in my life. But everyone needs relaxation. What do you think??