Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My latest personal shopping.. Local shoes

Last weekend, I visited a house of my husband's relatives. I am well known in the group of my husband's relative as Frugal (they mean 'Cheap' by it).  They think think that I am the person using all local product, not at all buying any quality goods and living my life in misery even if earning good. The discussion happened about the quality of local shoes. I have narrated my experience of one big brand of shoe and how my pair of shoes got torn after 2 months only, while local product works fine for at least a year, though the branded shoes are 5 times costlier than local brand.

This pair of shoes I bought in 350 INR .I can wear it with all types of Indian attire.

This pair of shoes I bought for 120 INR. This is my daily wear shoes at home.

Do you think only branded shoes work fine? 

What did you buy last time? Got something to share?


  1. I need good support for my feet and can usually only get it with brand name shoes. However, if I am buying "pretty" shoes that aren't worn that much, the cheaper ones usually work just as well as the expensive ones.

    1. Hi Live and Learn.. Yes, Even I thought the same and so, bought one more pair of comfortable shoes , you can see them on 'Food Waste Friday' post .. Keep reading..