Monday, July 2, 2012

Goal update --July 2012

I am planning to write about my goals for the month. At the 15th of every  month, I will have a mid term review and at last, final update with new goals for next month.

The goals for July 2012 are--

1.Read at least 4 books -- As I have got the membership in local library, I have easy and cheaper access to books. I am planning to read at least 4 books in a month, say 1 book per week.

2.Exercise 5 times a week, for 30 minutes minimum.-- I have my own bicycle and also a Joggers' park is near by. So, I am planning to walk/ride cycle at least 5 times a week. Also, I have some in-house exercise supplies like weights, Skipping ropes, which I can utilize if outside is rainy.

3.Plan for my and baby's frugal birthday parties- As Ira's and my birthday fall in July month, 2 parties are due. We are planning to have frugal parties. 

4.Follow envelop system for personal finance- Not for the entire finance, but for some of the areas like, baby supplies, household maintenance and personal shopping.

5.Limit eating out at 2 times a week-- Out of 14 main  foods per week, I am planing to limit eating out to 2 times a week.

6.De clutter and organize house 2 times a week-- Any part of house, kitchen, Bedroom, Storing space or living room.. But 2 BIG cleaning and organizing events a week , thats what I have planned. Daily cleaning is not included here.

7.Stay within the budget- Though I have family visits at the last part of this month and few parties to throw, I am hopeful to stay within my budget of INR 20,000.

What are your goals for July? Do share...

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