Friday, July 20, 2012

A blogging vacation... Sick leaves indeed...

 I was not able to write any post in last 10 days due to cold and fever.  After I feel little better, I tried to mend up my house , which was big mess while I was not 'in action'.

I am planning to take 15 days vacation and go to my native.. So again, there will be blogging vacation...

Dont forget me !!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

9 years of togetherness!!

10th July, 2003.. Masters degree class commenced.. I was student at that time.. It was Masters in Computers.. I first time seen Anmol Singh along with other classmates.

10th July, 2012..After 9 years... We are happily married with a little bundle of joy, Ira..  Time flies with blink !

There were thick and thins in our life as well. But happy to inform you that we are now settled with own house, own car, good bank balance and at the top of it, good understanding..

Now, lesser the fights, more the conversation.. Lesser the ego, more the understanding..

Wish to spend more more years with you, hubby!! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping Incident - How local shopkeepers cheat ?

Every 1st to 5th , I shop for groceries, toiletries, washing needs, cloths and many more. I make a list of stuffs I wanted to buy thru out the month and buy most of items on first week of upcoming month.

I usually shop from nearby super market, mainly Star Bazaar or Dorabjee's. I love the discounts, deals and offers they provide. I also like the cozy environment over there.

In last few days, I was down with cough, cold and mild fever. The shopping was needed and so, I headed up to local grocery shop for grocery shopping. Local shops here are run by individuals as sole proprietorship and there is no use of computer, Barcode scanner or CCTV there. Also, no bargain, no offers, no deals, they sale everything on MRP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on the package.

I have no other option and so, given my list of shopping to the shopkeeper and he got what I have ordered. There were more than 30 things, in different pacing, different weights and different states.

At last, he filled all the groceries in a big plastic beg. He handed me a bill of roughly 2000 INR. I paid the bill and put the bag in my car.
After coming home, I re calculated the bill and seen the grocery. The shopkeeper looted me in 3 ways.

1. He calculated INR 17 more in the bill-- I went back next morning and got this money deducted from next purchase.
2. He did not give free gift, which was coming free with a washing supply I bought--  He denied about this miss and told me to recheck in my home.. I know he was lying.
3.I bought black grams. I paid for it. But it was not in my shopping beg. When asked, he lied again.

I have made up my mind not to visit that place again. There is no point to go to consumer court as I don't have sufficient proofs and its very much time taking .

By doing cheating, the local grocery shopkeeper has lost one recurring consumer.

Do you have similar experience? Waiting to hear from you...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My life, My home, My rules !!!

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
~ Johann Von Gothe

Last month, I kicked my maid out of my home. I found her stealing grocery and so, I need to pink slip her ..  She was the one who used to come to my home at 10.00 AM (Or late, but never early) and leave my home at 5.00 PM(Or early, but never late). She used to babysit my little daughter and clean house and do dishes.  I am work from home mommy. Everything has an end and so her tenure too.

I take my baby to park every evening. Over there, I have few friends, who also are mommies of babies . We are friends and our kids are also friends. When I talked to them that I fired my maid, everyone was shocked.

"Why don't you happily give to your maid what she wants? Let her take whatever she wants from your home" ( I was giving her everything, from food to cloths, hair dryer , as I have 2 hair dryers, some of working cosmetics she liked , but her hunger was more)

"Its just grocery baby, not gold ornaments"

"Hetal, you need to compromise if you want to keep your maid"

"Getting a maid is so tough now a days. Just overlook"

But next morning, I fired her...

And now, I have one part time maid, who does dishes .

I do babysitting. My kid is very nice, She has proper nap times, which she never misses. She is not fussy about food. She can now signals potty.

Even my hubby is helping and shares some household work when I work late evenings.

Now, I have cleaner home, Better surroundings and everything in control. Yeah, some days, I don't clean my home in depth, but its always better than maid's cleaning.

And my monthly saving is about 5000 INR.

Domestic help is an essential part of Indian household. It symbolize the wealth of the household. The wealthier you are, the more maids you have. The more money you have, the less household work you do..

In that case, I am the poorer.

Please comment and motivate me, in my decision.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kitchen decluttering on sunday, so much work !! -- Updated

As you know,  I was organizing my kitchen this Sunday, this is what the final output is.

All the kitchen trollies cleaned and rearranges with the junk out..

The storage trolly beneath sink is cleaned with only needed supplies.Mainly boxes and some washing supplies.

The grocery cupboard is looking like this..

And I am super content with the output..

How do you like my kitchen organization? Please comment..

Kitchen decluttering on sunday, so much work !!

It was a bright Sunday morning outside, and busy day inside my house. I was all set to  de cluttered and organize my kitchen. Its just a incident of yesterday, 1st July.

I forgot to take pic of my kitchen when I started.

This is how my kitchen was looking when Work In Progress.

Some of the mess was 'Thanks to Ira'... As she was playing in the messy dirty kitchen while I was cleaning. She found the entire process so exciting that she was not even moving out of kitchen.

The sink, the washing machine top..everything was full of mess, clutter..

But one need to make his hand dirty while cleaning, isn't it?

And the story continues...

 Your kitchen also looks like mine when you are organizing it? Do share your comments..

Goal update --July 2012

I am planning to write about my goals for the month. At the 15th of every  month, I will have a mid term review and at last, final update with new goals for next month.

The goals for July 2012 are--

1.Read at least 4 books -- As I have got the membership in local library, I have easy and cheaper access to books. I am planning to read at least 4 books in a month, say 1 book per week.

2.Exercise 5 times a week, for 30 minutes minimum.-- I have my own bicycle and also a Joggers' park is near by. So, I am planning to walk/ride cycle at least 5 times a week. Also, I have some in-house exercise supplies like weights, Skipping ropes, which I can utilize if outside is rainy.

3.Plan for my and baby's frugal birthday parties- As Ira's and my birthday fall in July month, 2 parties are due. We are planning to have frugal parties. 

4.Follow envelop system for personal finance- Not for the entire finance, but for some of the areas like, baby supplies, household maintenance and personal shopping.

5.Limit eating out at 2 times a week-- Out of 14 main  foods per week, I am planing to limit eating out to 2 times a week.

6.De clutter and organize house 2 times a week-- Any part of house, kitchen, Bedroom, Storing space or living room.. But 2 BIG cleaning and organizing events a week , thats what I have planned. Daily cleaning is not included here.

7.Stay within the budget- Though I have family visits at the last part of this month and few parties to throw, I am hopeful to stay within my budget of INR 20,000.

What are your goals for July? Do share...