Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My life, My home, My rules !!!

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
~ Johann Von Gothe

Last month, I kicked my maid out of my home. I found her stealing grocery and so, I need to pink slip her ..  She was the one who used to come to my home at 10.00 AM (Or late, but never early) and leave my home at 5.00 PM(Or early, but never late). She used to babysit my little daughter and clean house and do dishes.  I am work from home mommy. Everything has an end and so her tenure too.

I take my baby to park every evening. Over there, I have few friends, who also are mommies of babies . We are friends and our kids are also friends. When I talked to them that I fired my maid, everyone was shocked.

"Why don't you happily give to your maid what she wants? Let her take whatever she wants from your home" ( I was giving her everything, from food to cloths, hair dryer , as I have 2 hair dryers, some of working cosmetics she liked , but her hunger was more)

"Its just grocery baby, not gold ornaments"

"Hetal, you need to compromise if you want to keep your maid"

"Getting a maid is so tough now a days. Just overlook"

But next morning, I fired her...

And now, I have one part time maid, who does dishes .

I do babysitting. My kid is very nice, She has proper nap times, which she never misses. She is not fussy about food. She can now signals potty.

Even my hubby is helping and shares some household work when I work late evenings.

Now, I have cleaner home, Better surroundings and everything in control. Yeah, some days, I don't clean my home in depth, but its always better than maid's cleaning.

And my monthly saving is about 5000 INR.

Domestic help is an essential part of Indian household. It symbolize the wealth of the household. The wealthier you are, the more maids you have. The more money you have, the less household work you do..

In that case, I am the poorer.

Please comment and motivate me, in my decision.

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