Monday, October 15, 2012

My kid knows many languages!!!

 As you all know that I am a mommy of a toddler, and my kid is now learning to speak. Babies grasp whatever is happening around them and the same is applicable for learning to speak as well. Me and Anmol are coming from different language speaking families. We have been grown up speaking different languages, reading different languages and thinking in different languages. Now, Ira - my baby is an addition to our multilingual family. I speak my language and Anmol talks to him in local language (Not his mother tongue). Ira may go to a school wherein medium of instruction will be English. But Ira seems to understand everything !!

I had seen many families where parents talk to kid only in English, or I can say, try to speak to kid only in English. Whereas the entire family speaks in their mother tongue and talk to kid into English. I guess, kids get super confused due to this differentiation.

I will keep talking to my kid in different languages, and I am sure that kid will understand many languages , and she will not have any communication problem, What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for that 'EXTRA' time !!!

When did last time you take time to

  • Watch the rising sun?
  • Feed the birds?

  • Play with colors?

  • Have a home facial? Or Manicure? Or pedicure?

  • Have a talk with your loved once? Not a casual talk , but talk to show your affection, love and care?

  • Have a god night sleep? And sleep regime like bed time snacks ? milk or body wrap with lotion?

These all tasks are simple tasks , but we dont give more imporance to these. The excuses are , no time, too tired, too busy, not in a mood..

Lets try to do these tasks, from now onwards, at least one daily..

Amen ...

Do let me know what are you going to do today, extra than your daily tasks??