Monday, October 15, 2012

My kid knows many languages!!!

 As you all know that I am a mommy of a toddler, and my kid is now learning to speak. Babies grasp whatever is happening around them and the same is applicable for learning to speak as well. Me and Anmol are coming from different language speaking families. We have been grown up speaking different languages, reading different languages and thinking in different languages. Now, Ira - my baby is an addition to our multilingual family. I speak my language and Anmol talks to him in local language (Not his mother tongue). Ira may go to a school wherein medium of instruction will be English. But Ira seems to understand everything !!

I had seen many families where parents talk to kid only in English, or I can say, try to speak to kid only in English. Whereas the entire family speaks in their mother tongue and talk to kid into English. I guess, kids get super confused due to this differentiation.

I will keep talking to my kid in different languages, and I am sure that kid will understand many languages , and she will not have any communication problem, What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for that 'EXTRA' time !!!

When did last time you take time to

  • Watch the rising sun?
  • Feed the birds?

  • Play with colors?

  • Have a home facial? Or Manicure? Or pedicure?

  • Have a talk with your loved once? Not a casual talk , but talk to show your affection, love and care?

  • Have a god night sleep? And sleep regime like bed time snacks ? milk or body wrap with lotion?

These all tasks are simple tasks , but we dont give more imporance to these. The excuses are , no time, too tired, too busy, not in a mood..

Lets try to do these tasks, from now onwards, at least one daily..

Amen ...

Do let me know what are you going to do today, extra than your daily tasks??

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raising emergency household fund !!!

I am working from last 7 years. During this time, I have taken some good financial moves, like buying own house (though with 33% mortgage).

When Ira has not been born, we were typically free birds. We were eating out a lot and  buying stuffs that we hardly used. But then also, we were able to save one salary and raise emergency fund.

 The finance blogs say that you should keep 6 month's salary as emergency fund. Now, be realistic!! You can save up to 6 months' household expenses as emergency fund...Here I am sharing my ways to save for raising emergency fund.

  • Allocate some amount every month and keep it in one separate account.
  • Don't use that money when you are tempted to buy fancy items.
  • You can raise emergency fund by opening recurring deposit in bank. Keep it as an open ended account so that you can withdraw as and when needed.

Ok, now as your emergency fund is built up.. Will you stop saving money? No... Now do one thing... Keep saving at the same pattern.. You can use that parked money to buy stocks, mutual funds, gold or bonds and earn interest on this..

This is how I do.. How do you save for emergencies..Do share..

Monday, August 27, 2012

When Doctor has not time to see you !!!

Last Saturday, my baby was suffering from constipation. I was nursing her till now, but recently I have stopped it as she is 1 year old and this milk is not sufficient for her. She may take other food which may provide her more nutrition. 

The adverse effect of this was, baby was suffering constipation. I tried home remedies and some Ayurveda remedies, but she was crying when passing the stool. So, we have decided to take her to doctor. We called up the same doctor whom we were consulting from long for immunization and any illness of baby as well. He is an M.D. with gold medal. He used to be always busy and his clinic's phone is always engaged. I tried calling his clinic for an appointment. The phone was busy. I tried again!!! Busy again... and after 1 hour's trail and error, I was lucky to get connected. It was 11.00 AM that time.The receptionist gave us appointment of Monday evening ... Ohh God.. How can I leave my baby in pain for more  2.5 days.. I was screaming and complaining  to the receptionist out of frustration and anger... My baby was in pain and I can not do anything...

I called up my other friend and got contact details for her baby's pediatricians. She is equally qualified person. We got appointment for next hour and she has prescribed some medicines and food changes to baby. Baby is fine now.. But this incident, there are few questions come in my mind.

1.The doctors are for our health care? Doesn't it mean that he should be available at need. The health issue does not come with pre notice. And so, Doctor should be available on call. The appointment system is only applicable for immunization or for  the illness which can wait for some time.

2.Even if the doctor is busy, and he cant give time to your need just now, he should give appointment in next schedule. Not after 2 days or so.

3. When they are charging high amount, they should be also available at request.

I am surely going to change my baby's doctor. Have you face the same issue ever? Do share..

Friday, August 24, 2012

So much of Laundry to do...

From last few days, I am fighting with laundry task. So many cloths to wash, dry, fold, press and to put away. My laundry bag is always full. And I get tired to manage everyday washing and folding.

So, I tried to do root cause analysis on this. What takes laundry task too overwhelming?
What can I do to make it simple??

I discovered that washing cloths daily was the root cause. As due to rainy and humid climate, the cloths are not drying properly. When I am ready with new load to dry, previous load used to be half dry.. And that was increasing my stress and decreasing the beauty of my balcony.

So, I started washing cloths every alternate day, mostly at early part of morning. So that I can utilize sun when its available for few hours. Indeed, I wash Ira's cloths daily as if not washed, bacterias may settle and its not hygienic.

I am happy now with my new laundry routine...

Have you faces same problem? If yes, what was your solution??

Friday, July 20, 2012

A blogging vacation... Sick leaves indeed...

 I was not able to write any post in last 10 days due to cold and fever.  After I feel little better, I tried to mend up my house , which was big mess while I was not 'in action'.

I am planning to take 15 days vacation and go to my native.. So again, there will be blogging vacation...

Dont forget me !!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

9 years of togetherness!!

10th July, 2003.. Masters degree class commenced.. I was student at that time.. It was Masters in Computers.. I first time seen Anmol Singh along with other classmates.

10th July, 2012..After 9 years... We are happily married with a little bundle of joy, Ira..  Time flies with blink !

There were thick and thins in our life as well. But happy to inform you that we are now settled with own house, own car, good bank balance and at the top of it, good understanding..

Now, lesser the fights, more the conversation.. Lesser the ego, more the understanding..

Wish to spend more more years with you, hubby!!