Friday, August 24, 2012

So much of Laundry to do...

From last few days, I am fighting with laundry task. So many cloths to wash, dry, fold, press and to put away. My laundry bag is always full. And I get tired to manage everyday washing and folding.

So, I tried to do root cause analysis on this. What takes laundry task too overwhelming?
What can I do to make it simple??

I discovered that washing cloths daily was the root cause. As due to rainy and humid climate, the cloths are not drying properly. When I am ready with new load to dry, previous load used to be half dry.. And that was increasing my stress and decreasing the beauty of my balcony.

So, I started washing cloths every alternate day, mostly at early part of morning. So that I can utilize sun when its available for few hours. Indeed, I wash Ira's cloths daily as if not washed, bacterias may settle and its not hygienic.

I am happy now with my new laundry routine...

Have you faces same problem? If yes, what was your solution??

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