Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get done most pending task-- Closet Oraganisation

The most awaiting task for the month was -- none other than , closet cleaning and organising..

And good to let you know that , its done today..

This is how my closet was looking before..

 This is 'work in progress' phase...

And this is how it looks now..

The upper half has Dresses and Scarves to be worn when I am out... The drawers contain important files and papers..

The middle part is having my cosmetics, accessories and Skin care products. I love to keep them here as they are most accessible from here.

Lower part of closet contains my western wear, like Jeans, Skirts and Tunic tops. Some office work formals are also here.

Lowest part contains cloths to be worn when I am at home.. Some comfortable cotton dresses are here..

And not to forget, Purses and Totes are hanging on inner part of door along with my new Philips Salon Hair Dryer..

What is your way to arrange your closet?

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