Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost and found

I didnt know, arranging closed could be blessing.. Last week, I organized my closet . Oh God, I never knew I have so many clothes, cosmetics and accessories. I have tendency of buy and forget.

My post pregenecy cloths are fitting me now. So, I don't need to buy more cloths for upcoming family function in July and August, 2012.

I have also found few hair accessorizes  and a scarf holder, which I can use in day to day life as well in glittery family functions.

Well, I am tossing at least 5 things in upcoming week.  I am having some less load in office and so, planning to declutter my house..

The climate in Pune, India is awesome , the blue sky is full of white little clouds.

I have taken this picture when I took Ira to garden , while she was busy playing ball, I was busy taking pics.

What are your plans of decluttering? Have you found anything useful in your last closet organizing, which was in the back of closet, waiting for use?


  1. Thought I'd come say Hi! - Just read this post, and theer have been two things recently that came to light. Firstly a pair of boots that were buried in the garage. Secondly I put a pair of flip flops out to put on eBay and instead ended up wearing them (I wore maybe once last year?).

    1. Thank you :) I am the secrete admire of your posts. I have not went thru the archives of your blog and read last year posts, but surely, I will try this in upcoming week..

  2. Hi,
    I've seen your posts on Frugal Girl and Simply Being Mum. I really enjoy reading about other people's lives, especially when they live far from me. On my blog I'd like to figure a way for people to introduce themselves and tell where they're from. Because that's one of the most interesting things to me, how the Internet has made our world so much smaller.
    Anyways, about cleaning closets and finding stuff, I find what I call treasures all the time. It's always an adventure in my closets. I found a bag of chocolate pieces in the back of the pantry. I found an old and very worn, pair of pants in my closet. This was perfect, as I was going to be painting the railing on our deck that weekend, and needed something that I could paint in, without worry of spills. I found a board game, still in its packaging, that I had bought years ago. My father-in-law is coming for a visit this week, and I thought I could get the game out and we could all play.
    I could tell you lots more of my finds. Anyways, have a nice weekend.