Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Restoration of Cane Furniture --Part 1

Frugality is not stinginess , its all about making each penny last long...

I have a complete set of cane furniture i.e. a sofa set (3+1+1) along with a center table, a side table and a shoe rack.  I bought them in around 6500 Indian Rupees in 2008. Cane furniture is light weight and light on pocket. When we were staying in rented apartments and changing accommodations every year, having  cane furniture was a blessing. 

In 2010, we have booked our own house and in August 2010, we shifted to our own house. From then, I was planning to buy designer sofa set. last month, I put this entire furniture for sell in online e commerce site. I quoted 3000 Indian Rupees for entire , brand new looking, well maintained  set, while the same stuff was available in market for not less than 14000 Indian Rupee. But I got offers like 1500 Indian Rupee for the entire set. This was quite frustrating

One night, while surfing Internet, I came across a blog which was stating about restoration of cane furniture. I gave a thought and make my mind to use the same furniture after restoring it.

As the furniture had no scratches or ticks, I needed to polish/color them and just decorate them. i went to local hardware shop and shown the picture of my furniture (taken from my mobile) . I asked the shopkeeper to suggest how to restore it. he suggested me to polish them and they would be ready for use. I bought needed supplies to polish them and one fine morning (or afternoon) , I cleaned the furniture thoroughly and started polishing it. 

Keep reading about my Cane furniture restoration project and its outcome.

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