Thursday, June 14, 2012

Restoration of Cane Furniture ---Part 2

 Earlier post

You read in the earlier post how I decided to restore my old furniture.  After getting needed supplies, I cleaned cane furniture thoroughly with water + liquid dish-wash solution and cotton cloth.

After that, I spread the news paper on my balcony floor, and placed the furniture over there. I polished  with one coat. Entire furniture  polish took 2 hrs for first coat. After that, I allow the furniture to dry. It took approximately 45 minutes to dry up the first done piece. Then, again  I polish the second and final coat and wohooo,  it was ready to set in my living room.

After that, I spread some  sofa covers  on sofa, table cloth on table and cushions on sofa. I bought the new cushion covers, which cost me 345 Indian rupees.

See how it looks now.

The total cost for restoration--

1. Polishing supply- 125 Indian Rupees
2.Cleaning supply - free, available at home
3. Sofa covers and table covers -- free, home inventory again.
4.Cushion -- Home inventory
5.Cushion covers -- 345 Indian Rupees

Total== Happy and frugal me and decorated my home 

Have you ever restored any furniture?Do share your experience.

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