Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where to spend weekend??

 This is a prime question. As weekend approaches, I always think about what to do in this weekend. And after some household chores, some beauty care and long sleeps, our car turns to nearest mall , automatically. There, some junk food, some useless but impulsive buying and weekend finished!!! And every Monday, I think, OMG, what a waste of the long awaited weekend. Do you people also thinks the same way.

The marketing gurus know very well , that the empty mind spends most. And so, the strategy has been properly placed in malls near you, the flashy and glossy stuff in the window of each counter, the high rated cloths on show case, the useless cosmetics at most of counters. It looks like , all marketing gurus are going to convert us humans into Christmas trees.I guess, all of us are suffering from impulsive buying but only few know it.

When I was a kid, my mom dad used to take me to lake near my house, garden,  aquarium or to our relatives place. Sometimes, relatives used to visit us and we kids as well as elders were having fun, even without spending lots of money. But now a days, as our social values are weakening and we have less friend and family get to gathers, I guess, kids now a days are also going for shopping with their parents and they also will become impulsive buyer after 10-15 years.  I wish, I could take my kids to lake, garden, aquarium, fun fairs or at relative's place, rather than Malls.

Where do you spend your weekends?

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