Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Imperfect, the true ME!!!

As defined in Wikipedia, Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.

Is it possible to be perfect???

I am proud of not being perfect, I have my own flaws, own incompleteness.

Yes, seeing / meeting people better than me put me down.. I sometimes feel jealous. 

I cant do all my household work alone, and so, I have appointed a part time help !! Being unable to do my household is a flaw, a problem. Getting part time help is a solution.

I cant fix my beauty problems by myself, the solution is parlors and salons.
I cant drive my car (I want to learn, really!!) , so, I need to take taxi !!! Again a solution..

See, my imperfection becomes bread and butter for so many people :)

When I see mom , who is more alert than me, I feel imperfect !! 
When I see someone earning more than me, I feel imperfect. 
When I meet a wife who is more 'in shape' and stylish than I am , I feel imperfect. 
When I meet any housewife , who can allot more time to her house , and her house is more up-to-date, I feel imperfect!!!

But, I am happy with what I am!! (Or a sort of HAPPY).. 

I am lucky to born in such a society where women do not need to pass entire life in a corner of house. I am lucky to born in such a family where girl child is given equal (or more) importance than boy child..
I am lucky to get married to a man , who believes in equally.
I am lucky to follow a religion , which can answer all my questions and capable of taking me to the height of spirituality.
I am lucky to work in a company, which believes in equal opportunities.

I am luckier than half of the world, for having roof on head, running water in tap, food in kitchen and money in bank account.. Plus loving people around..

Do I need to be perfect???

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