Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maid tantrums

 Yesterday, my maid has put me in the 'hands up' situation. She has asked for about 15% pay raise only after 2 months of working at my home. As a working mom, I need a maid for child care as well as house hold.  She used to come for 5 hours a day and was getting paid pretty good. While working in my household, she came to know how badly I need a help and started showing tantrums , like coming late, taking sudden day off etc. And yesterday was the height.

Bring in India has few advantages. The prime advantage is , one can get domestic help very easily. As all the coins have two sides, we also have cons of this advantage. The maids here are not loyal. One needs to change maid very frequently.

I have called a 'Maid agency' yesterday and fix an appointment for new maid, may be for 11 hours now. Lets hope for the best !!!

P.S. I have raised her salary and she has raised her working hours .. A win-win situation..


  1. Yes, seems a "win win" situation

  2. Even in Mumbai we face similar situations.! My mom has a harrowing time managing maids.Recently after another sacking of yet another maid she appointed a maid who also works in the same school in which mom works as an administrative officer.So hopefully expecting better results this time! :)

    1. :) even I am also hoping best with my maid... they know that we need them and then only start tantrums...I am working mom with 10 months old baby and cant afford to lose my current maid. Its very tough to guide new maids..