Thursday, November 25, 2010

Multi Level Marketting-- a boon or a trap???

Today morning, I was about to leave for my office, when a neighbor came and started stating me the advantages to join some XYZ company as member in their MLM chain. I was so much in hurry to reach office and she was so much desperate to include me in her chain. She counted many advantages to join it, like money flowing to you endlessly, you can use product of that company with discounts, blah blah blah.. Then finally, I bluffed that we are already members of this MLM chain. suddenly, she lost interest in me and she remembered some work at home. This way, I saved myself.

We Indians are looking for easy money and think that if making 2-3 ppl as member, we can earn for the lifetime, this is an opportunity. And we start making MLM tree. Our this mentality has been identified by some crooks in our country as well as foreigners.And we forget the great principle of Karma and the 'Phorener' proverb-- there is no free lunch. Many people insists their friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues to join the tree. And the under pressure friends join it also, but then, they dont make anyone else members, and by that the tree never grows. and no one will be benefited by the efforts, but the master minds behind the MLM idea.

Yes, there are some good players in market, who follows MLM as marketing strategy, e.g. Amway. But they are rare. Also, a company can not grow only with MLM . They also need some other strategy. Even the great Amway also have TV commercials.

God saves all of us from this MLM influenced friends,relatives and peers.. Aamen..

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