Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buy and forget !!! Thats what I have done many time...

This is a confession !!!

From last many years, I have some weird kind of habit , when it comes to buy cosmetics. I buy most of fancy items shown on glossy pages of woman's magazine. But when it comes to use it, I feel awkward. I feel, I dont go to lavish parties, I dont visit big malls or pubs all time, so , why should I waste my make up ? And in this confusion, the cosmetics became stale and I have to throw it...Sob sob.

Now, you will say me, If I am not using it, I should not buy it. My mother used to tell me always, use what you buy and buy only what you can use. But sometime, I guess, I become obsessive about some specific lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow or even hair accessories. In day to day life, I prefer to use normal make up, which does not need many colors. When I buy colorful cosmetics, I think, some day I will surely use it. That some BIG day never arrives. Last time when I used all my cosmetics properly was 3 yrs ago in my brother's marriage. :)

I guess, all ladies are having obsession with their make up kit. I am purely in love with my lipstick, eye liner, kohl, face cream, eye shadow and even the small small hair clips. What is your obsession??

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  1. My obsession is buying clothes.I buy nice frocks which I dont wear it often.I cant resist it when i see frocks.Like you I too dont often go for parties,so there are some frocks which I bought 3 years back and havent even got a chance to wear it:-(