Monday, November 15, 2010

Excercising and me - part 2

Excercising and me - part 1


I was somehow convinced that I need to change my life style and food habits. I started with small changes, one by one.

My pain points were-

1. Waking up late in morning and then rushing for everything literally - working in an MNC , I need to be available for my US counterparts. Due to that, late night work was very common. As I sleep late, I wake up late. This is the routin.I hardly used to see sun rising from the horizons. I used to wake up late and then , trying to do all household chores faster to manage hubby's timing, maid's timing and office timings. In this process, I used to have very less time for myself.

2. Not having healthy breakfast at all - As said in point # 1, mornings were literally rush for me. To avoid time spent in break fast (which is hardly 10 mins), I used to fill myself with tea. The tea used to mask my hunger for long and make my digest system numb. I used to have my first meal at round about 12 noon or even late.

3. Not enough water intake- No time, killing work load and excess intake of tea, mask my water urge and when my body urged for water, I used to fill it with tea and shut. It started showing impact on  my skin and hair.I also got water retention issues.

4. Long gaps between meals and then heavy meals- The first meal used to be around 12 noon, and it used to be heavy. As if, I am componsating for no food and pampering my body now. It used to be heavy parathas, paneer sabzi, pizzas, ice creams, fried food, everything you name, whih carries calory but no nutrician. And it started showing impact on my body as gained weight.

5. No exercise and less physical activity - Again, no time... And I never prioritised excercise in my life.

6.Last but not the least, 4-5 cups of tea daily. - It seems that I keep felling drowsy all day and I need to ahve tea to be awake.Actually, I used to feel drowsy due to less glucose level. I could achieve needed glocose level only by eating something. But I was mistaken need for food as need for tea,

How I overcome these issues?

I overcome these issues with simple 2 steps.

1.Regular Exercise
I bouhgt a bicycle. I used to wake up half an hour early daily and ride the bicycle. The first few days were very tiring.I was not able to consentrate on my routin work for whole day. But slowly, I was able to get my body in synchronisation and I sarted enjoying it. I even dont break my excercise regime on weekends. It makes my day full of energy, I wake up at early morning, see the beauty of sunrise and sleep early, no TV watching.

2.Eat every 2-3 hrs.
Thanks to book 'Don't lose your mind, lose your weight'. I started eaing at every 2-3 hrs, with small meals and find not only dop in body weight, byt also improved skin and hair. My first meal is within 10-15 mins of waking up.

I am still in middle and need to reduce more 5 kgs. But, I am happy that I know and execute the right path. I am going to follow it for life time. Are you on right path, love and respect your body?

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