Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being alone by choice..I'm lovin it!!!

After few years of relationship, every woman start thinking about 'WE', rather than 'Me'. When it comes to decision making, woman thinks about what her partner will think, what will be effect on him and so on. And sometimes, we cant take decisions which are correct for us. But if one will get a break from relationship, she start thinking about the possibilities and wants, which she missed in her tenure with some.

I get an opportunity to be single for sometime .. And I am so much enjoying it. I am a mom-to-be and at my parent's place till the time I will deliver the baby and baby will be 3-4 months old.Today, it is exactly 1 month of being single and 5-6 more months, I will be 'Happily single by choice' for more time.. No more waking up early to cook for 2, No more packing lunch, No more fight on finance and money, No more expecting someone to be early at home, No emotional clashes, No more expectation and heartbreak...

Below are few advantages of being single, I found..

1. You can do as you please
2. You can be your own boss
3. You can focus on your career
4. You can be spontaneous
5. You don’t have to deal with other's personal habits
6. You have more time for activities
7. You can control your finances
8. You can appreciate your independence
9. You can gain weight without worrying
10. No one can taunt you for being miser/overspending

I know, I will have this 5 months of being single , and its one time in life opportunity. I am looking forward to enjoy it fully !!!


  1. I too am a fan of being single. When we get such opportunities, we should take welcome it with both hands :)