Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attitude-- thats what really matters...


   We keep changing our views, ideas and suggestions about any particular thing, but the base concept which is responsible for our behaviors remains unchanged.. That 'Base Concept' is  known as attitude. Attitude is not earned by birth, though your social attire impress attitude at some scale. Thats why we are told to have good friends and rationale surroundings around us. We earned attitude by experience mainly, reading partially and by surroundings at some level only.

   How we experience certain incident  is purely matter of our choice.  We can handle unpleasant incident properly by keeping mind cool and gain at max, or vice versa. The process of handling unpleasant incident with cool mind is known as Positive Attitude. There are two basic processes of positive attitude---1. Keep mind cool 2. Aim at gaining maximum from certain incident. While, two basic course of events are co related with having negative  attitude.---1.Overwhelming 2.Ignoring optimum gain.

   You can get things done by keeping your mind cool. Sometimes , we cant keep our mind cool and get frustrated , due to irrationality of next person. But when we aim at optimum gain , we start looking the thing other person does. Once you get to know what will be the next step of the other person, the fight becomes easy as all strategy are in front of you.  All great leaders gain from positive attitude, why not we???

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