Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maslow’s theory--- Hierarchy of need

     Famous Economist Abraham Maslow has given a Theory of Human Motivation in 1943. It is well known as theory of need in current day life. This theory is not only management or economics theory, but it is also giving us insight of what we want in life. The gyan of Geeta is embedded in this theory. Lets have a glance of this theory in Indian context.

Have a look of above pyramid. The pyramid has 5 divisions, vertically.
1.Physical need
3.Love/Social needs
5.Self Actualization.

1.Physical need- Maslow says that the first goal of human life is to fulfill the physical needs :food, water, shelter and other physical needs. You cant think about love if you are damn hungry. You can not think about the safety or your hidden talent if you don’t have shelter on your head. Even the smallest baby knows that the fulfillment of this need is very essentials. Most of our life, we are mainly focused on this part of need pyramid.

2.Safety- Once all/most of your physical needs are satisfied, you will start thinking of your own safety. The first man, Adimanav has thought first to find out food and water and then he thought to settle down and have his own house/territory.  The development of mankind happens in this way that firstly our forefathers have satisfied the first need and then slowly and gradually they planned to have their house , settled down somewhere and develop the cities. Same is true in our case too. We look for food and water first, the only we look out for settling down in life, settling down at some place. Even we start having relatives and friends afterward, Relatives and friends are also mean of safety for us. The same manner, once our basic physical need is satisfied then only we look out for saving/investing money. Money is also a source of safety.

3.Love and Social needs- Once you get food and daily needs at timely basis and you are secured by your education, money and relatives, then only you will look out for love in your life. Ideally, when first 2 needs are satisfied, then only you should look for third need. Any change in the order can create havoc in your life. I am sure, Many of us has experienced it. Unordered hierarchy is the reason of failure of first crush.. (Wink wink)

4.Esteem- Once you got satisfaction in first three needs, you may tend to get attraction of people and need of self esteem arise . Mainly, the ideal age of rise of this need is 30 plus or more. When you have achieved safety in terms of education, profession and you have your loved once with you  plus all basic needs satisfied. If anyone has this need in early 20, he will surely not get settled in his profession and love life. The disadvantage og this need is it makes person proud and over confident. You can afford the pride and over confidence only when first 3 needs are fulfilled.

5.Self Actualization- Geeta describes this phase is visionary phase, the neutral mind set of a person. When you have achieved all what you wanted in your life and your self esteem need is also fulfilled, now you don’t want to work for money or reorganization. All you want to do is to use all your talent and get most of work satisfaction. This is the reason why people leaves high paying jobs in late 40s and join some  social services. Beware, this need should arise only when all 4 prior needs are satisfied. Else it may create problems in your life.

Not all people in their life are getting realization of all 5 needs. Some stop at love and keep finding their love for the life, some stop at money and keep finding the safety in terms of money for life…and some unlucky people struggles for basic needs like food for life. Hope we all get the 5th need’s realizations.....