Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you growing up or growing old?

At twenty, we worry about what others think of us. At forty, we don't care about what others think of us. At sixty, we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all….
                                                                                                              -- Author Unknown

          In Urban India, people are turned to have very narrow definition about ‘Young’. Guys started telling any 25 plus female as ‘Aunty’. For them, being young means, having zero figure, wearing skin tight jeans, having short hair and wearing high hills all days. Any one, who is not fitting in this bracket is called ‘Aunty’ for them, irrespective of age, I guess. Anyone wearing salwar kameez, is ‘Aunty’ for them. If this definition is taken in to consideration, ladies from 18 to 25 is only young.  If the age span of average Indian is considered 70, that means, you are going to be ‘OLD’ for more 45 years.. That’s so bad.. What do you think??

Yesterday, I have attended a party and met few friends who know me from last 7 years, when Istarted doing my Post graduation. One of them was telling me that, ‘Ohh Hetal, You are looking like an aunty.’ That sentence stuck a chord. I wished to say him, “Really, then you are looking like a grand father!!!’But alas, my good nature stopped me to do so. (I wish I should not have that 'good nature')

        The same experience many of other girls have faced. Mainly, girls in long relationship where there is no legal commitment, as the time passes, male partner start thinking the female as old, and this is the right time to find the new hot chick for new relation. Indian males are thinking that they are young eternally.  No one can preserve the same youth, the same hormones for lifetime. Obviously, as time passes, years are added in your ‘age figure’. And so, the wealth of experience, knowledge and money should be continuously increase. You cant wear the same cloths ,you were wearing in your college, when you have dignified designation in an MNC. You cant wear the same make up, that you used to wear in college. And as you grow up, the maturity shows on your face and body language. You don’t talk that stupidly, which you use to do in your college days.

          I protest any person commenting of ladies’ age and body shape. Criticizing the beauty of a female is same as criticizing the earning capability of male. Every female is beautiful, every female needs care and praise. And the one, who criticize his female friends with respect to beauty, he ends up in broken relationship..

        I am really enjoying growing  up with my hubby, sharing each moments of life, struggling, getting settled down. Because these memories are treasures that we will cherish when we will retire… I am really growing up..not only growing old.. Wish everyone shall be lucky to say this...


  1. After reading this article from now on i will always take care while talking to ladies.

  2. Thats good Aamod...
    Thanks both of you for your comments !!